Digital marketing and alike, what’s it all about? Good question… we’re glad you asked. More commonly known as SEO, digital marketing is as old as the internet is itself. If you understand the basic principles of sales and marketing… then you kinda know what it’s all about already. Marketing is marketing after all… it makes no difference whether it has the word digital in front of it or not.

However, this very special and elusive brand of marketing comes in many flavours. First there’s pay per click, otherwise known as PPC. In real money, this is likened to traditional advertising. Kinda like when you watch the TV or listen to the radio, PPC gives marketers the opportunity to target audiences who are surfing the Web. Google Ad Words is one service that springs to mind. Anyone can run an Ad Words campaign… but the more money one throws at it… the more complex it can get. That’s not to mention that most business owners do not have the knowledge or inclination to learn how to do.


Then there’s organic search. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was some strange brand of cereal bar that you could buy at your local GMC. Organic search is a concise way of saying… putting a website on the first page so potential customers can see it. This really is a dark art and not many can do it well. Officially, the search engine operators would rather people didn’t play around with the particular brand of SEO… however, it’s there… so what are they gonna do?

This brings us to our next point… what they’re gonna do. It’s no secret that the search engines would rather have customers pay for PPC — that’s right… it costs money. Therefore, SEO who can ‘game the system’ are kinda like terrorists in their eyes. They go around tinkering with their system and stealing their profits. This is a big deal, so much so that the search engines spend billions to ensure that SEOs can’t tinker around with their precious algorithms.

What are we talking about? What indeed. There are a number of SEO courses that will sell the benefit of using PBNs. What is a PBN we hear you ask… another good question… and one you should really just Google search. PBNs, while effective in some applications, appear to be harder and harder to maintain. Regular updates to how Google reads anchor text, make artificial linking increasingly difficult. Google themselves recently released an article which stated that PBNs are now no longer effective. I don’t know about you… but the jury is still out on that one. What’s for sure is that any good linking strategy should mix in other types of links to appear natural. Afterall… it’s all about how natural a site is.

Next week we’re going to be covering the importance of traffic to a site’s ability to move up the ranks… and we’re not talking about cars and highways.

See you soon and stay posted.

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